Thursday, April 25, 2013

Yet another back list book...

Previously published as
A Brief Moment of Pleasure
A full length novel...

Lisa Hampton is committed to her career, but a woman in the traditional Japanese martial arts is seldom taken seriously. At least not until one hot and hunky man takes her very seriously. James Rhee runs his own brand of martial arts studio, teaching movie stars who want to shine in their onscreen stunts.

It’s a job Lisa genuinely wants no part of. But she soon finds it’s hard to refuse the maddening man anything…including her body. Before she knows it, she’s let her guard down and sinfully sizzling sex has turned into something she simply can’t fight.

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  1. This book was first published with Resplendence, under the title "A Brief Moment of Pleasure". Reviewers seemed to love it, but it was a longer novel, and no one seemed to want to pay $6.99 to purchase an e-book. I noticed that went like hotcakes on some pirate sites, though. :P I learned early that "short and hot" sold far better than "long and hot".


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