Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Another self-pubbed short story...

Another Holiday Wishes Tale...

This was one I changed the name on just before publication.  I seriously doubted that I wanted to print it as "Genie in the Dildo"! I usually self-publish short ones that my publisher rejected because of length, etc. This one is definitely a tongue-in-cheek tale.

I had to laugh when I first wrote this...it was back in 1988, and it was just a bit of fun because I'd just watched an old episode of "I Dream of Jeanie", and got this weird urge to jot down a few lines about a hot genie who popped out of a sex toy.

A few years later I was watching Disney's Alladdin, and pulled the dog-eared pages of the story back out of the big old box under the bed. I played with it a bit more...added about twenty pages, and then shook my head and tossed it back into the box.

After I started writing for my publisher, I dug it out again and edited. Sent it to my editor, who laughed and sent it back. "Way too short!" And the good old standby, "Not enough sex in this short story."

So...I tweaked it and subbed it again, for another reject. Well, twice Is enough...so I REALLY tweaked it and self pubbed it. I put it on Amazon for $1.49, downloaded a copy to my Kindle for PC, and re-read it.  In a couple of weeks, I will lower the price to 99 cents for Valentines Day. 

Oddly enough, thousands of authors are putting entire sets of books up on Amazon for 99 cents...I have bought a few. Sigh. I refuse to sell a piece of work that took 25 years to complete for 49 cents. LOL!

Besides, when I have all 8 of my Holiday Wishes Tales out, I will make a box set of them and sell them so you can get them all for under $4.00...but you'll be waiting awhile.  It only took me 18 months to get the second one out. :P


Fran Lee


  1. I love the story about how this book came to be. I'm laughing thinking about the story. Now I'm so intriqued I have to buy it to find out what happens. :)

    1. Like I said...it's "tongue in cheek"...and so full of non-stop sex. Hope you enjoy it. :)

  2. Replies
    1. Um...lower and to the rear. Snort! All I can say is, he's a B_A_A_A_D boy!


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