Monday, January 6, 2014

Happy New Year...

Welcome to the blog that no one EVER checks out. LOL! If you glance at all my posts, you will find that not a single comment has been left, so that indicates to me that not a soul ever drops over here. Could that possibly be because I do not beg all my author pals and reader pals and reviewer pals to come over and check out my latest blog offering?  Ah...I wondered what the problem was.  Yes, I suppose that a bit of self promo might bring one or two folks over to view my sad little blog site. 

I have had this blog site since 2008. I don't blog a great deal, and I very seldom write much when I do blog. I probably should try to make my blogs more interesting. I usually just use the blog to announce new releases and stuff like that.

Tell you what. If anyone comments on this blog post, I will send them a little surprise. Just to see if anyone comes over here without me getting onto Facebook or Twitter or a Yahoo loop to ask folks to give it  look-see. I will send out prizes to anyone who comments on this post up through January 15th. Be sure to leave your e-mail addy and a name so I can send it to you.



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