Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Finding the time to relax...HAH!

I love these darling little cartoons...

I would love to be able to find a hammock, flop down under the shade of a wide tree, and take a long, soothing nap. Sure. In my wildest dreams, maybe. In reality, I spend about 18 hours a day glued to my keyboard, buried in sniffing out pirates, building and maintaining websites, organizing and then orchestrating things, editing books, submitting edits, and generally looking like that damn little hamster on the treadmill...galloping madly and not getting anywhere.

Well...that isn't totally true...

I find that I am most at ease while writing. When I am lost in a scene, creating something hot and lush and sexy, I am in seventh Heaven. Actually, I would settle for third or fourth Heaven, but I manage to find my way to the highest. Writing is like creating, and the freedom it renders is such that I simply float away into another realm. Wow! When did I ever wax so poetic? Not!

Anyway, getting back to relaxation...

I figure I'll have plenty of time to rest and relax when I'm pushing up daisies. So for now and in the near foreseeable future, I will be orchestrating, organizing, building, maintaining, and socializing...all worthwhile activities indeed!

Fran Lee


  1. Definitely worthwhile. You are so busy constantly that you make my eyes cross. LOL.

    I often look like I'm relaxing but it's a facade. My brain never seems to turn off. Frustrating.

  2. I don't know how you do it. You amaze me. I'm with Regina - I look like I"m relaxing, but the damn brain never stops running! :)

  3. Love the kitty in the hammock...if only it could be me! Fran, don't know how you keep the pace you do.

  4. The only thing in my life that's "Relaxed" is my waistband!
    XXOO Kat-in-a-hammock

  5. Relaxing. I need more of that. After 2 relatively sleepless nights--brooding about children--my significant other tells me this a.m. (let that read 5:10 a.m.)that I need to listen to his meditation tapes. And go workout!
    I AGREE. I am off-base. Need to re-center!!!

  6. If there's one thing we could all have, it would be more time. Ah well...

  7. Hello, Fran! I just signed up as a Google follower. As always, I am impressed with your energy and spirit!

  8. Thanks, ladies! It's always wonderful to hear from everyone! And I wish I had about 10 more hours in the day. But I still wouldn't get any sleep! LOL!


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