Saturday, September 5, 2009

Seven Sexy Scribes Blog is up and running!

Why start another Co-op Blog?

Authors start co-op blogs to become better be more join with friends and have some fun. By working with others, we don't have to think up a brand new idea to blog about every day...and we can have some fun blogging about anything that strikes our fancy.

Thinking up a catchy name...

Hmmm...that's the trickiest part. Our group thought up a dozen fabulous names...great names! But then we Googled them. :P

Okay, so one led to a couple of porn sites...another led to a group from a women's penitentiary...yet another led to fifty other websites with identical names...and so on. Face one wants a plain old uninspired name like 'Seven Sexy Scribes'. At least we could come up with something hot...neat...sensuous. (That didn't sound like a batch of ho-bags.)

But there is something to be said for choosing a plain name. For one thing, nobody else wants it. It's unique. Sorta like the name "Mary". How many young gals have that name today? Huh? Hey! My grandmother was named Mary. It's a grand old name.

And then to pick a color scheme...

Ever tried to do that with seven women? Luckily we settled quickly on that. Most of us love blues/aquas. But I tend to get bored with one color. Maybe I'll sneak in a purple theme on my blog day. When they look, they'll wonder who turned the lights out! LOL!

And dealing with several strong personalities...

Oooo, yeah! We all have very strong ideas about what we want. What we like. But that's not really a problem, because we all want the same promote our books and promote our names. Easy enough. Heck...our blog may be stuffed to the rafters with covers, videos, and fun stuff, but we certainly won't bore anyone!

So drop on over and check us out!

Seven Sexy Scribes


  1. Fran, I'm having a lot of fun being part of Seven Sexy Scribes!

  2. I really like group blogs. I do Three Wicked Writers with Anne Rainey and Kelley Nyrae and it's lots of fun. I blog there twice a week plus doing my own daily blog.

  3. Yep...that's just the way it happened...and is still progressing!


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