Saturday, September 14, 2013

I love Native American characters...

I love writing them into my books...

I love reading about them in books by other authors. There is just something deep and magnetic about them. In Skinwalker's Woman, both hero and heroine are NA. I woke up one morning and I sat down to write, and things just poured out. Which is my usual method of writing. My muse just grabs me by the ear and shoves me into the chair and says, "write or die..."

I have begun to feel isolated in my writing. Alone. I write for myself. Even my blogs are written for myself rather than for others. They are an extension of me, and very few share them, read them, or drop by. I no longer go to the loops and ask for folks to come read. I figure they will show up if they wonder what I'm up to.

I post photos that mean something to me. I talk about things that make me think happy thoughts. So this one is short and sweet. And if anyone reads it and wants to comment, that's great. If not, that's also okay. 




  1. That picture, and the words on it, are deeply moving, Fran.
    Hopefully you don't think me out of line, but writing for yourself is something to be extremely proud of, and you are so not alone - I'm here

  2. How on earth could I think you out of line, love? You are one of the few people who are always there for me. Thanks again!


Thanks so much for leaving a helps me know that people really do read my blog posts. If you read back through my prior posts, you will notice that I get very few comments. :)