Saturday, February 14, 2009

Hello and welcome

Welcome to my Blog!

My name is Fran Lee, and I write hot, sexy romance!

I currently work with two fabulous Romance Publishers:

Ellora's Cave
Resplendence Publishing

I've made it my goal in life to heat things up. And I think I've been successful in that attempt.

My friends have told me that I think like a man.


Just because I know how guys think? I have two grown sons, nephews galore - and I've lived a long, LONG life! Of course, I never admit how long, but trust me - I was there when the Pyramids were built. And those Egyptian dudes in those short linen skirts were HOT!

I currently have two WIP's- one with EC and another with RP. And I have an entire arsenal of heat just waiting in the wings (don't want to overwhelm my poor editors)! And - being the woman that I am - I love a good, hot, sensuous read - so I constantly enjoy books by other EC and RP authors. I hope that my friends at EC and RP join me here from time to time for my reviews of their wonderful offerings! Reading hot romance and delightfullly hot historicals is my addiction.

Drop in from time to time for excerpts from my WIP's...

And feel free to link to me with your own blogs and excerpts!


  1. You blog looks AWESOME. Great job, Fran!

  2. Hi, Fran, I write for Resplendence. Welcome aboard.

  3. Thanks, Jan! I've been checking out websites, and found yours earlier. Nice! Thanks for dropping in.


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