Saturday, March 21, 2009

Hello, Romance Lovers!

Why Do People Adore Romance Novels?

A recent economic news report stated that one of every four books purchased in this economic upheaval is a Romance Book! I find that wonderfully reassuring! Not because it means job security for me and my fellow Romance authors...but because it means people still can believe in something so breathtaking, stimulating, and fantastic in a time when things look pretty bad. Love and Romance are what we seek when things look desperate.

I recently asked a dear old friend what kind of romance books she likes to read. She looked at me like I was nuts, and smiled cryptically..."Any kind that rings my bells and blows my whistle."

Well, my friends...I introduced her to the sheer numbers of fabulous Romance e-books available on EC's and RP's websites, and she was ecstatic. No more eBay for her! No more SH that doubles the price of the books purchased! She is officially an e-book reader now. As she is retired, she was frustrated by the cost of buying new books online. She is now a definite fan, and we have gained a new customer!

So tell your friends about our books. Tell them the benefits of buying e-Publications. Save them some bucks, and they will come back again and again!

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  1. Fran,
    I recently saw that in these less than wonderful economic times #3 on the top ten list of things people are still purchasing, you guessed it--romance novels! It only makes sense that they'd buy an ebook romance!


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