Thursday, March 12, 2009

Well...I'ts Almost The Ides Of March...

Frankly, I am totally disgusted! These three fabulous covers (plus about ten more) were dumped from my PhotoBucket Slide Show because PhotoBucket deemed them to be "objectionable". Holy Cowboy hats, Batman! What on earth is objectionable in these covers? They all seem to have one thing in common...the male torsos are beautifully built...and the pants seem to be on their way off (or in one case, already off), but nothing shows that could be considered by most of us to be too naughty to view.

I am busily making up a new slideshow of all the "rejected" covers. I will put pink tutus on the guys, and see if PhotoBucket thinks that's "objectionable".

Censorship is fine, if little kids are going to see the pictures...but these are all on private slide shows that are only viewed by adults. Personally, I'm extremely incensed that my private adults-only display is considered to be obscene by PhotoBucket. 'Nuff said!

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  1. That just sucks, Fran!!!! ACK! I guess I need to check my photobucket slide show. I have plenty of super sexy covers besides Feral Moon so my slide show might just be completely empty. GAHHHHH.


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