Saturday, March 17, 2012

Are you wearin' th' green?

Protector of the Irish Church...

The Saint's Feast Day that ran amok...St. Patrick's Day has become a celebration of all things Irish.  The feast day of St. Patrick has, since it was instituted in the seventeenth century, become a grand celebration of Irish tradition and fun.  Very few people outside Ireland know the story of St. Patrick...but his feast day (he died March 17, 461 AD) has continued on through the past 250 odd years as a showcase of Irish fun and frivolity!

Why green?  Few people know that the color originally used to commemorate St. Patrick was actually blue.  Over the years, however, the wearing of green ribbons and shamrocks on March 17th eventually changed the color scheme of the day to emerald green.  

So enjoy your green beer, your Irish Whiskey, and your green Mardi Gras Beads...pinch a few hot butts...and generally become Irish for a day.  Now is your chance to become as Irish as shamrocks and leprechauns...Erin go braugh!


Fran Lee


  1. I soooooo forgot to wear my green today. I sure hope no one pinches me.
    Looking for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

  2. Get over here so I can pinch you!


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