Thursday, March 8, 2012

Wow...Leap Year done leaped right past me...

Time has flown since last year ended, and I am not sure where it has gone.  I have changed my plans three times about attending Romanticon again this year, but right after I decided the thrid time that I would go, my son became very ill, and will be in a very touchy situation for a couple of months.  He had an explosive headache for a week, and then when he couldn't take the pain any more he went to the ER...where they told him he had a large, leaky aneurysm at the base of his brain where the spinal column is attached.  He was rushed to the best hospital around, and had emergency surgery to "coil" the aneurysm. Very touchy, highly complicated procedure...with an 80% fatality rate.  If that isn't enough to give me a heart attack, I don't know what is. 

Anyway, the surgery was a success, and he is fighting his way back to health.  But I genuinely think that someone out there in the Universe is trying to tell me not to make plans...and so I decided not to go.  

Murphy's Law seems to be playing leap-frog with my life at this point, so I am in a holding pattern.  

Thanks to all of you who guided wishes and prayers to him the past few days...I know the power of prayer and positive thought.  My deepest gratitude to all of you.




  1. You're always in my thoughts, Fran. Extra prayers for your son and family during this difficult time.


  2. Hi Fran, first I want to say, I'm glad you're son is doing better. I had a brain aneurysm in 2005. I also had the coil procedure. I just got out of the shower and was sitting on the bed and then I felt weird, like I passed out, and I wondered what was happening. I stood up and threw up all over the place. I had terrible pain in my head and was naustious as hell. This happened on a Tues. on the following Sat we were supposed to go to FL. I went to the Dr on Wed, it was a doctors assistant who told me I had vertigo. On Thurs I went to the ER. After a cat scan I was sent to another hospital where a Dr there did the coil procedures. Mine was in between my eyes, in the middle of my brain. I still have the coil checked every year, plus I'm soooo lucky. I have a second aneursym, it's just not big enough to treat. So hang in there my friend. Sending love and prayers your way. If you need to talk to me, email me for my phone number. :)

    1. Thanks for sharing, son just got home from the hospital today, after only 10 days in the place. The normal stay is about 21-28 days. Aneurysms are nothing to play with, that's for sure. We are going to be watching him for a few weeks, and babysitting him to keep him from going back to smoking, etc. I don't ever want to go through this again. I appreciate the good wishes.

  3. It will take a little time to recoup. It took me almost all summer to get all my strength back. Thank goodness my son stayed with us for that summer. He worked from his room, and took me on short walks on his lunch. Sometimes we went out for lunch. He took me to my dr appointments, since I wasn't cleared to drive yet. I don't know what I would have done without him. I was in the hospital 14 days. Most of which were in intensive care. I started to have seizures after the procedure. I couldn't stop them. I could hear the nurse ask me questions, I could see her too, but I couldn't make myself answer, or move when I wanted to,even though I tried. They aren't sure what caused those seizures though. I'm rah-rahing you, right now. Make sure you get your rest as well! Those who are friends will understand your absence from the blog. :)
    Don't make me come out there and spank you!
    I hope that made you smile. Love ya Frannie.


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